Fitness Assemblies

Playout's mission is to revolutionize Physical Education by bringing our FUN fitness program to every school in the USA. Our program is an opportunity to positively impact your students' lives by teaching lifelong habits of fitness in a game format that they'll love and connect with, and by giving them highly effective bodyweight exercises they'll be able to do throughout their lives. 


The Playout Fitness Program gives your PE class a fun and engaging fitness curriculum, complete with fitness tests, games and activities using Playout: The Exercise Card Game, and no additional equipment. Through our program, we create a lasting connection in a student’s mind between Play and Exercise.

Team Playout introduces the program with an interactive assembly for each PE class. The assembly begins with Coach Eddie talking to the students about following your dreams, play, exercise, and entrepreneurship. As he tells the story of Playout, the students learn the basic movements for 21 of the 30 bodyweight exercises in Playout. The assembly combines motivational speaking from a positive role model with exercise instruction in order to show students how they can achieve their goals and improve their health, while still having fun. After the assembly, we transition to playing games that motivate the students to exercise through cards and competitions.

Contact Playout at or 203-499-7060 to book a fitness assembly.