Playout is grateful to partner with leaders across various industries to bring fitness to everyone by harnessing the power of play.  See testimonials from Physical Education Professionals, Organizations with Playout Obstacle Courses, Obstacle Course Racers, and Homeschool Parents.


“My children cannot wait to hit the gym.. Because they knew they get to play Playout.”
“However we’re playing Playout today... Is it gonna be points? Is it gonna be easy? Is it gonna be hard? Is it gonna be challenging? And they look forward to it.”



“We really loved our obstacle course. It’s been a great addition to camp. Not only for just letting people run and time them on the obstacle course… But we’ve had about 330 kids a week at Camp Cheerio, and we’ve had half of people at camp at the obstacle course doing it at the same time as a relay race… It has just been fantastic.”
“We also would use it in combination of climbing with obstacle courses … We built it so there’s no real high elements.. But kids like doing just one or two … doesn’t take a lot of supervision.”
“You should consider talking to Eddie about building an obstacle course. He’s got a passion for it; a passion for fitness.”


“I want to train like twice a day, so sometimes, it’s hard to get me and my stations going, so we just take the Playout cards.. It’s super easy.. You just take the card and do it. And by the end of the day, you have like a forty-five minute workout.”
“It’s fun, it’s fun! Sometimes you don’t want to do workout, but when you pull a game out of it, it brings a lot of fun.”



“We attended two professional development workshops on Playout. We went to the Game of Fitness and then upon coming back, I implemented these cards right away. One of the lessons I actually got observed. My administration went crazy over it.”
“Students were self-identifying their level as an exerciser. They were reading. They were doing math skills for all the points. There was tons of New York State common core already built into the lessons.”
“I attached extra credit to it, so that students were able to do it at home… teach their parents or their siblings the exercise. The parents signed off, and they got credit in PE, so then it started to encourage parents and kids and families getting moving and working out.”
“I went to the obstacle course one. There, we got to learn about all the different obstacle courses. They are so prominent in this day and age because .. the Spartan races and Tough mudder .. kids all know what it is, and they want to do little challenges themselves. So with the Playout deck, we get to learn all the body strengths that you need to complete an obstacle course.”
“We actually used this to inspire our field day. We had our own stations. We learned how to build our own obstacle courses that are age appropriate… We had 200 students actively participating on the obstacle course at the time. The teachers loved it, and the students were all very happy and tired at the end of the day. So don’t workout, PLAYOUT!”


“We were able to train all of our middle school and high school department chairs, and they had a fantastic day. There was 100% participation. They were very excited to see how the Playout cards actually worked, and what it actually felt.”
 “They learned big things. Instead of being teacher-directed, we can use these cards to let our students lead a lot of things. They were talking about how the cards pull out all the differentiation. Kids can pick what body part they wanna work on. They can also pick easy, medium, and hard, so no kid is left behind on that part.”
“These cards can now be a part of routines, as far as warm-up routines or instant-activity routines.”
“We can incorporate this even when we’re not working on fitness, but when working on skill. There’s a lot of fitness incorporated by pulling out the station or by pulling out the card.”
“One thing I was thrilled to hear was how well it worked with our Social emotional learning… our principals are gonna love that… it reinforces a lot of core activity. There were a lot of reading in there and a lot of math in there.”
“Absolutely, I would recommend this, tenfold.”



Kelly Conron - Health and PE Teacher at Northwestern Middle School, Milton, GA

“As a physical education teacher and fitness advocate, Playout has been a beneficial and fun addition to our fitness curriculum. The exercises on each card are challenging for every student’s ability level, and students can modify the exercises to ensure they are successful. Students no longer dread the idea of having a fitness day in P.E. and instead request that we do Playout! They don’t realize they’re working out because they’re so focused on the games. I even had several students come up after class to challenge me in a MiniGame. I would strongly recommend that Playout be incorporated in every secondary school P.E. program!”

Mr. Boutelle - Parent of Bryce Boutelle, student at Northwestern Middle School, Milton, GA

“Ms. Armstrong & Ms. Conron,I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond your job!! Bringing in “Playout the Game” has been a real highlight for Bryce, as well as our family. He came home when they were at NMS last time talking about all the fun he had while working out! He briefly explained their program to us and we all thought it sounded like a great way to “get moving”. Yesterday Bryce came home with a t-shirt and the business card of the gentleman who lead the activities! We’ve ordered a deck of cards and can’t wait to use them to have fun as a family! Bryce is beyond excited about “possibly making something like Playout the Game my career!” Anytime a middle school boy is thinking positively about his future – it is a good thing  When it’s something that can keep him healthy, it’s a big WIN! We really appreciate your time and effort to schedule these fun-filled opportunities for our NMS students.”

Jennifer Lee - PE Teacher at River Trail Middle School, Johns Creek, GA

“With childhood obesity rates on the rise, we are constantly in search of new activities that will help to get students moving, increase their fitness levels, and enjoy being active.  Playout: The Game hit on all three of those goals through their activities.  Students were able to work at the level that was appropriate for them, but it also gave them the opportunity to challenge themselves as well as each other.  Throughout each session, you could look around the gym and see that not only were our students actively engaged in the games, but they were also having quite a workout and enjoying themselves at the same time!” 

Sarah Newman – PE teacher at New Prospect Elementary School, Fulton County, GA

"We really enjoyed having the guys from Playout  come to New Prospect. The kids learned lots of new body weight exercises that they can do anywhere to stay fit. It is so important to teach the kids that exercising can be fun! This is a great program and really helped build on what we already do for our fitness unit. The guys are very engaging and the kids keep asking when they are coming back!"

Brian Adams - PE Teacher at Tritt Elementary School, Marietta, GA

"Playout: the Game  was a huge success at Tritt Elementary.  We just recently had Eddie and Caesar out to our school for a 2 day program with all of our classes, Kindergarten – 5th.  Of course the older kids loved it, 1 student even did the exercises Eddie taught them in an afterschool class, while he was passing the time, but the younger kids loved it too.  The program takes no set up and no equipment, so it is great to have a program that the students can do anywhere because it is all bodyweight exercises.  I even feel the exercises working when I do them.  One of the best things Eddie and Caesar did was adjusting the program after the 1st day.  Our 1st graders were a little challenging for the first day but on the 2nd day they worked the game a little differently and it was spectacular.  They are awesome presenters and the energy they bring is infectious.  I would totally recommend the program for all PE classes."

Ann Marie Van Loo - PE teacher at Lake Windward Elementary School, Alpharetta, GA

“I first played PLAYOUT at a conference and thought it would be great for my students.  We tried it out with the 3rd, 4thand 5th graders.  They were engaged and constantly moving the entire time.  They liked the variety of exercises (yoga & kung fu).  I liked that the students were working out the entire class period with a diverse set of exercises.  The students can challenge themselves by choosing what type of exercise they want to do and how many reps they want.  I am excited to try this out with 2nd graders as station cards.  This will be an excellent fitness game to use throughout the year.    I would recommend this for any elementary physical education program.

In short: The kids LOVED it and asked when we are doing it again.  Thank you so much.  We will definitely be using it a lot more next year since this year is almost over.”

Mandy Gartman – PE teacher at Brentwood Elementary School, Pensacola, FL

"My student are STILL talking about when the “Playout guy” came! They had so much fun learning new exercises and playing the games. We have done several playout activities since the assembly and I have never seen my students work….I mean play so hard! I carry a deck of cards with me and the students are constantly asking me to teach them a new exercise. If we are doing an activity and I ask the students to pick any exercise, they always name a playout exercise. It was such a pleasure having Eddie and Caesar come to my school and inspire my students!!"

Jill Luber - Administrator at New Prospect Elementary School, Alpharetta, GA

Thank you so much for your visit to New Prospect! All feedback I received, from both teachers and students, was very positive. The kids had a ball. My daughter and her friend spent 10 mins showing me the new "moves" they learned! Thank you again for a successful assembly!

Michelle Cabrita - PE teacher in the California School System

“I finally played the game with my students last week. They had so much fun and I love how they worked so well in their teams.”