Obstacle Course Testimonials

Atlanta Jewish Academy Playground:


"This is the best playground I've ever seen! I'm coming with sneakers on Monday to try it myself."


Atlanta Jewish Academy Obstacle Course:


"Playout has been a professional and exciting opportunity for our school."
"It was my dream to have a challenging and progressive playground for kids in grades 1 through 12, and if you look around, that's what Playout did for us!"
"Thank you so much Playout! It's going to be a blast!"


 "We really have loved having an obstacle course, not only to have people run and time them on the obstacle course, but we have about 330 kids a week at Camp Cheerio, and we've had half of the people in camp at the obstacle course doing it at the same time... We'd do [rock] climbing and obstacle course at the same time and we had all the elements built low to the ground so it really doesn't require a whole lot of supervision other than a few spotters"