Field Days

Playout Obstacle Course Field Day centers around a fun and exciting obstacle course that gets kids running, jumping, crawling, hopping, and rolling through obstacles as they complete as many laps as they can in an allotted time. Each grade level will be introduced to the sport of Obstacle Course Racing by professional obstacle course racer and future American Ninja Warrior competitor Eddie Kovel (NSCA-CPT). Eddie in an interactive and fun demo, the kids will learn a series of bodyweight exercises that they can use to train for obstacle course racing. These exercises are the exercises in PlayOut: The Exercise Card Game and/or Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game. Eddie then demonstrates the course, and the kids are unleashed to run it for 10-20 minutes, completing as many laps as they can. Each time the students complete a lap, they'll do a PlayOut exercise and get a popsicle stick. The runners with the most popsicle sticks at the end of the race gets a prize!

Another Quick Glimpse

Preferred location: athletic field
Equipment needed: We'll provide the majority of equipment but may ask to borrow pieces to build certain elements
Number of students: Up to 150 per session
Our Field Day service typically costs $1500 for a full day, which includes travel and all other expenses. 
Contact PlayOut at for more information or to schedule a visit.