Playout: Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game

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An Obstacle Course Race in the palm of your hand.  Train for your next race or mud run the FUN way! 

The OCR Training Card Game trains you for the toughest obstacles and terrain, while simultaneously giving you the experience of racing through a challenging obstacle course, using nothing but your body and a bar.  Whether you're the roughest and toughest of racers or the newbie looking to get in shape for their first race, and everyone in between, this deck has everything you need to take your mud run fitness to the next level!

Deck Contents:

  • 30 Bodyweight Exercise Cards
    • 10 Terrain Cards
    • 10 Skill Cards
    • 10 Strength Cards
  • 10 WildCards (PowerUps): Add intensity and "Power Up" for multiple exercises
  • 10 MiniGames: Mini-competitions push players to their physical limits as they compete for points or to achieve personal bests
  • 3 Unique Game Modes
    • Elite Heat
    • Team Race
    • Fun Run