Our Team

Eddie Kovel Playout

 Eddie Kovel, Founder and CEO



Eddie Kovel (NSCA-CPT) has always been passionate about getting others to play and exercise. During his sophomore year at Emory University, he studied abroad in India. Without a gym or fitness equipment, Eddie learned calisthenics, yoga, and martial arts, and liberated himself from gyms forever. He realized: "Why do I need to workout, if I can just PLAYOUT!?" Upon graduating, Eddie forged his own path, launching PlayOut and starting the movement to make fitness fun. Eddie owns and operates PlayOut LLC out of Atlanta, GA. PlayOut has already impacted and empowered over 1 million kids in just 3 years in business. Eddie is also an NSCA-certified personal trainer, obstacle course designer, coach of the Emory Men's Lacrosse team, and coach of the first college Obstacle Course Racing team.

Caesar Anyogu Playout



 Caesar "Leo" Anyogu, Creator of the  Basketball Card Game and Executive VP  of Sales




Caesar Leo loves competition. Caesar grew up in Atlanta, GA, where he honed his basketball skills throughout high school, eventually taking his talents to Emory University, where he became team captain in his second season. Caesar is revered by teammates and friends for his infectious energy and “anything for the team” mentality. He brings competitive fire and team spirit to Team Playout and everyone he interacts with.  After graduating from college, Caesar worked as a manager for Abercrombie & Fitch, but quickly became tired of the corporate life. He began working with Eddie, helping in nearly every aspect of the business. Before long, he came on as a VP of Sales and Motivational Speaker, quitting his job with Abercrombie in favor of following his dream to change the world through Playout. Caesar specializes in sales, recruitment, and motivational speaking. He believes that Playout is the key to solving childhood obesity in America, and actively spreads the word day in and day out.  In addition to working with Playout, Caesar is actively training to play professional basketball in Europe. 


Caroline Stokes Playout


 Caroline Stokes, Marketing Director



Caroline Stokes has committed herself to understanding the issues that challenge individuals from experiencing their fullest existence, which, for many people in the US includes obstacles to health and wellness.  Growing up in the southern United States, Caroline witnessed first-hand that many people simply lack access to quality, affordable fitness information while others struggle to find the motivation to keep themselves physically active. Immediately upon learning about Playout, she saw fitness games as a solution to many health challenges.  Physical activity, though, is one piece of a larger wellness puzzle. What makes Playout even more impactful is the core belief that fitness should be fun!  Caroline believes it is monumental to empower yourself to live your best life and enjoy even the challenges along the way--which is where the real magic of Playout lies.  To enjoy life is what Playout is all about, and if you ask Caroline, Playout can (and will) make even more than fitness fun!