Our Team

Eddie Kovel Playout

 Eddie Kovel, Founder and CEO



Eddie founded PlayOut LLC in 2013 with the mission to make fitness fun for everyone and eliminate motivational barriers to exercise. “Why workout… when you can PLAYOUT!” Upon graduating, Eddie created PlayOut: The Game of Fitness - a card game that turns bodyweight exercise into fun competition for all ages and fitness levels. Shortly after college, Eddie began racing in obstacle course races, and training only with PlayOut, he became one of the top racers in the Southeast, placing top 5 in 12 of 14 races. He launched The Obstacle Course Training Card Game as an expansion to PlayOut: The Game of Fitness to share obstacle course training with the world. In 2014, Eddie was hired as the course manager to the 2014 Firebreather Challenge (local GA obstacle course race), and the 2014 GA Spartan Race. Eddie worked directly with the Spartan Race director to ensure all obstacles were safe and fair to participants, and to mark the course properly to give the best racing experience.
In Spring of 2015, PlayOut LLC, under Eddie’s leadership, designed and installed a permanent obstacle course for all ages at a YMCA summer camp in North Carolina. Thus began PlayOut’s foray into obstacle course installations.

Caesar Anyogu Playout



 Caesar "Leo" Anyogu, Creator of the  Basketball Card Game and Executive VP  of Sales




Caesar Leo loves competition. Caesar grew up in Atlanta, GA, where he honed his basketball skills throughout high school, eventually taking his talents to Emory University, where he became team captain in his second season. Caesar is revered by teammates and friends for his infectious energy and “anything for the team” mentality. He brings competitive fire and team spirit to Team Playout and everyone he interacts with.  After graduating from college, Caesar worked as a manager for Abercrombie & Fitch, but quickly became tired of the corporate life. He began working with Eddie, helping in nearly every aspect of the business. Before long, he came on as a VP of Sales and Motivational Speaker, quitting his job with Abercrombie in favor of following his dream to change the world through Playout. Caesar specializes in sales, recruitment, and motivational speaking. He believes that Playout is the key to solving childhood obesity in America, and actively spreads the word day in and day out.  In addition to working with Playout, Caesar is actively training to play professional basketball in Europe. 


Caroline Stokes Playout


 Caroline Stokes, Marketing Director



Caroline Stokes has committed herself to understanding the issues that challenge individuals from experiencing their fullest existence, which, for many people in the US includes obstacles to health and wellness.  Growing up in the southern United States, Caroline witnessed first-hand that many people simply lack access to quality, affordable fitness information while others struggle to find the motivation to keep themselves physically active. Immediately upon learning about Playout, she saw fitness games as a solution to many health challenges.  Physical activity, though, is one piece of a larger wellness puzzle. What makes Playout even more impactful is the core belief that fitness should be fun!  Caroline believes it is monumental to empower yourself to live your best life and enjoy even the challenges along the way--which is where the real magic of Playout lies.  To enjoy life is what Playout is all about, and if you ask Caroline, Playout can (and will) make even more than fitness fun!  

Garfield Griffiths

Garfield is a figurehead in the obstacle course racing industry. In 2014-15 he was the Lead Race Director for BattleFrog. His duties consisted of creating the course blueprint based on Navy SEAL B.U.D.s training, coordinating, building and executing 7 launch events in 2014, and setting up multiple events in 18+ cities for 2015. Garfield began working as the Event Manager for Savage Race in 2015. During that time, he helped to re-launch and manage the new SavagePRO program, wrote the SavagePRO rules, designed new obstacles, updated old obstacles, and ensured a smooth running event on race day. In 2015, Garfield also took on the role of Director of Race Operations and Course Design for the OCR World Championships. For OCRWC, he created the overall operations blueprint for the 2015 event, operated as Lead Race Director, Build Crew Director, and Course Designer. Garfield currently works as an independent contractor and VP of event operations for Civilian Military Combine Hybrid Obstacle Race Series. His current duties include creating overall race/operations blueprints, branding, and operating as Lead Race Director, Course and Obstacle Designer.

James Lumley

James is self-employed as a contractor, and has over 35 years of construction and carpentry experience. Much of his experience has been in residential construction, and he has acted as foreman on many projects. Over the past few years, he has adapted his knowledge of wood and metal framing techniques to fit the demands of obstacle course racing. He has worked on the build team for multiple major race companies and has led the build on PlayOut’s past two installations. James is experienced with a wide variety of materials, and is comfortable adapting obstacle structures to meet any challenges encountered during a build. His participation in numerous races as part of the elite group known as the Grey Berets gives him a first-hand understanding of how obstacles should function for maximum safety and challenge to participants.

David Buzdygon

David hails from Wilmington, Delaware and is pursuing his interest in designing obstacle courses while studying mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech.  From building go-karts in high school, to designing fishing equipment for Humminbird, to designing obstacles for PlayOut, David has design engineering experience in a wide range of industries. Aside from climbing and obstacle racing, David's number one passion is creating fun, safe structures for his fellow humans to monkey around on. David serves as the team’s CAD expert, creating models used for both presentation and fabrication of PlayOut’s obstacles.


Cory Acuff

Dr. Acuff is a Ph.D. educated scientist and business development professional.  As an outdoor enthusiast, he has competed in trail running, mountain bike racing and obstacle course racing throughout his adult life.  Cory acts as a business advisor for PlayOut and has been the primary obstacle designer for the PlayOut installed courses.  He is a teammate of James Lumley in the elite OCR group, the Grey Berets, where he is able, through competition, to study and perfect challenging obstacle designs.