Playout: The Game Of Fitness

Game of Fitness
Playout: The Game Of Fitness revolutionizes bodyweight exercises into exciting games and competitions for all ages and fitness levels!


We've (barely) squeezed a never-ending fitness library into one deck of cards! This includes:

  • 10 Upper Bodyweight Exercises
  • 10 Core Exercises
  • 10 Lower Bodyweight Exercises
  • 10 Stretch Cards
  • 6 Wild Cards (These add clever modifications onto exercises to increase difficulty and intensity)
  • 6 Mini Games (Quick competitions that test strength, endurance, and willpower. Use these cards as tie-breakers, or play them after any game to increase intensity and competition)

How to Play (It's Simple)

Set Up

Separate the deck into Upper, Core, and Lower. Set a timer.


Start! Each player draws their own exercise, chooses the Easy, Medium, or Hard number of reps, then completes the exercise and places the card in the Easy, Medium, or Hard Pile.


When time is up, count up your points: 10 for Easy, 20 for Medium, or 30 for Hard. The player with the most points is the winner!

Playout Relay Race

There are many ways to play, including the Playout Relay Race, invented by Dez White (former pro Football Player): start at a distance from your cards. Run down to the cards, pick a card, bring it back to your team, do the exercise on a chosen difficulty, and see which team gets the most points, or completes the most exercises

The Exercises

There are 30 exercises in PlayOut: The Game. Check out these videos to perfect your form!


View all 30 Playout Exercise Demos