Building Process

PlayOut Team Obstacle Course Experience

Our team has a combined experience of over 25 obstacle course builds and 100 years of combined carpentry experience. We make safety our #1 priority in our installations. Our clients include Rogue FitnessThe 2017 Crossfit Games, YMCA Camp Cheerio, and Atlanta Jewish Academy. Our team of skilled and dedicated builders will make any obstacle course vision you have become a reality!

Course Safety: 

Course safety is our number one priority when constructing obstacles. We use some of the sturdiest materials available, and never have your participants more than 8ft off the ground. We will work with your groundskeepers to put the minimum requirement of mulch or other surfacing under each obstacle where participants are up in the air.

All of the obstacles are designed to be accessible for all ages 7+, and differentiated for different skill levels. Examples of differentiated levels include: installing a lower set of grips for the Traverse Wall, and putting slats between each step of the 4, 5, and 6ft walls so participants can climb over instead of jumping.



Camp Cheerio’s director’s name is Michaux (pronounced Mishaw) Crocker and his email is He would be happy to serve as a reference and answer any questions you have about the course. For other references, please email


There are necessary precautions that should be taken by the camp and the race participants to ensure safety. To assist in this process, we will provide consultation and education for the staff on course management and safety. For a fee of $1000 per year, we’ll come visit the course to check on the obstacles, give training to your staff, and make fixes if necessary. 


Our build crew will be insured and will take responsibility for any damage caused to the property by Playout LLC during construction. Playout LLC will be covered up to $1,000,000 in the event of an obstacle malfunction or issue with the design and construction of the obstacles.


What is the cost of delivery and construction of the obstacles?  
Cost of delivery and installation of obstacles depends on exactly what obstacles you choose and how many you'd like to install. Keep in mind that we can customize any of these obstacles to meet your needs, and/or build obstacles that aren't on the list. Our courses are typically between $10,000-$50,000.

Does a representative from your company do the construction or are we responsible for that?
We install the obstacle course, so the costs listed above include our installation fee. We generally work with your groundskeeper/volunteers to clear the space, lay mulch, and paint obstacles to your preference.

How long does installation take?
Installations generally take between 2-4 weekends or 1 full week, but could be longer for a course of more than 12 obstacles.

How many obstacles do you recommend for a starter course?
We recommend 12 obstacles as the ideal number, but you can get a great course going with 7-8 obstacles to start and add more obstacles year by year if you find the course is a huge success with your participants.


Please contact Eddie at 203-499-7060 or by email at for a quote or to schedule an on-site consultation.