Fitness Training and Games

Playout Fitness Training and Games is a one or two day clinic on how to use PlayOut Fitness Card Games to make fitness fun! Day 1 begins with a 25 minute assembly, followed by one or two full-class games, depending on the time. During the assembly, Coach Eddie encourages students to pursue their passions and stay healthy through play and exercise. Then, he tells the story of Playout and teaches the bodyweight exercises, emphasizing proper form for all exercises in order to maximize effectiveness and prevent injury, as well as modifications for all ability levels. After the assembly, the students, who are now familiar with the exercises, play Fitness Tag and/or a Relay Race. On day 2 (optional), we split the class into 3-5 stations with 3-5 different games and competitions. The students rotate from station to station throughout the class.



Preferred location: gymnasium or other large indoor space
Equipment needed: Cones, PlayOut decks
Number of students: Up to 150 per session

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