What Is Playout?

Playout • (/plā,out/) Noun • A fun physical fitness routine • Verb • 1. To engage in physical activity for the pure purpose of enjoyment or pleasure • 2. To physically exhaust one’s self through play 

Exercise was never meant to be a chore. When we were kids, recess was the best time of the day because we could run and play to our heart’s content! Through play, we learned how to move our bodies, build friendships, and overcome obstacles. That's why we created Playout! Here's a quick summary:

MVP: Mission, Vision, Principles

Mission: Empower and encourage every adult and child to exercise anywhere, anytime and without any equipment.

Vision: To make fitness fun for everyone.


  • Play for yourself- don't get caught up in what others do
  • Enjoy the journey- take advantage of the time you have
  • Believe in yourself- to make mistakes is to be human
  • Be fearless- play at your own pace but don't be afraid to push yourself
  • The best time to play is NOW—Why workout when you can Playout!

We can find any excuse not to exercise. No time. No equipment. No gym. No motivation! With Playout, we can achieve the results we’ve always wanted in less time, while enjoying the process!