What is Playout?


playout • (/plā,out/) Noun • A fun physical fitness routine • Verb • 1. To engage in physical activity for the pure purpose of enjoyment or pleasure • 2. To physically exhaust one’s self through play


 Why workout when you can PlayOut!?

Exercise was never meant to be a chore. When we were kids, recess was the best time of the day because we could run and play to our heart’s content. Through active play, we learned how to move our bodies, build friendships, and overcome obstacles. As grown ups, many of us lose touch with our love of exercise. We start to think of it as something we have to do, rather than want to do, and we make every excuse not to do it.

 The goal of PlayOut is to remind adults that exercise is fun, and to teach kids how to get fit for life. With PlayOut: The Game of Fitness, you can exercise anywhere, anytime, without any equipment, and you can play with friends and family. What could be better than achieving your fitness goals while having fun with your loved ones? 3-5 minutes of PlayOut a day will make you stronger, faster, more flexible, more focused, and more capable in your physical activities and daily life.

 So whether it’s playing a game of PlayOut: The Game of Fitness, or playing your favorite sport or active hobby, find what makes fitness fun for you, and reconnect with your inner child as you exercise. Jump in, have fun, and enjoy each moment. Why workout when you can PlayOut?!