Playout: Game of Fitness iPhone App Available Now!

The PlayOut iPhone app is officially available in the App Store! Click here to download and play "PlayOut: The Game of Fitness"! 

To play, set your timer, choose your exercises, and see how many points you can earn by completing the easy, medium, or hard repetition level. How many can you score before time is up? Earn achievements, level up to unlock new exercises, and play to beat your top scores. Start having fun with your fitness. Why workout... when you can PlayOut!?

PlayOut: The Game of Fitness features 30 bodyweight-only exercises.


10 Upper - Pushups, Diamond Pushups, Side Presses, Divebombers, etc.

10 Core - Sit-ups, Russian Twist, Supermans, Scissor Crunches, etc.

10 Lower - Full Squats, Skaters, Hip Raises, Squat Jumps, etc.

Players start with 3 exercises of each category and unlock new exercises as they earn points and level up.

Players can earn achievements by completing tasks like getting 1000 points in a day, finishing 100 exercises on the easy difficulty, etc. Players have a profile to keep track of their points per game, high scores, muscle group breakdown, and other useful fitness statistics.

**Multiplayer features coming soon**

**Android App also coming soon**

**OCR expansion coming soon**