Fun Quarantine Activity

         Ever wanted to exercise but got that all too familiar feeling of not having enough time or feeling too lazy? Well, exercise doesn’t have to be a bore anymore! It can be just like when you were a kid- fun, and competitive. With Playout, exercise is now ‘play’ time just like when you were younger. You can mix up your ordinary everyday routine and feel the thrill of adventure with our cards.

         As we are amidst a global pandemic and not all gyms and fitness areas are open, many of us are left feeling scattered and confused about what will happen to our fitness regime. ​With our normal routines turned around and are forced into adapting to a new way of life, "quarantining" doesn’t have to mean becoming a couch potato and flying through Netflix like our lives depend on it. With Playout, you can not only stay fit, but you can do it with your friends, family, and loved ones too! Playout: Family Edition transforms your idea of a boring workout into an exciting and friendly competition that was specially designed for families with children of almost all ages-you'll forget you even exercised!

         Keep your kids on their toes and active with Playout and our wide variety of decks ranging from Family Edition to becoming a Master Obstacle Course Racer! The best part is that there is absolutely no equipment necessary, and you only need our deck of cards. So you can Playout anywhere! ​Playout: Family Edition was designed to last- these ultra-sturdy cards are bold and colorful with clear instructions ensuring that you and your family have fun while getting fit at the same time. Oh, they're also nearly TWICE the size of a standard deck of playing cards! Hesitant to try it because you think you won’t be able to do it? Don’t be! Each card has 3 repetition levels and you can start at the easiest one. As long as you Playout, you'll be on your way to getting more fit in no time. So what are you waiting for? Shop Playout: Family Edition and our other decks now- no more boring workouts when you can...Playout!