Playout XL (Deluxe Edition)

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Playout Family Edition has the same cards and features as our standard deck but is built with ultra-durable, extra-large cards that are built to last and come in a sweet card case designed for ultimate convenience. This is the best option for families and teams! The deck utilizes bodyweight exercises and transforms them into revolutionary games with thrilling competitions for all ages and fitness levels!  Your goal is to conquer the chosen gameplay mode by completing various exercises in a race against the clock or by challenging family, friends, and others! With this deck, you can Playout anywhere, anytime, and without any equipment! Think you have what it takes to be the Playout Master?

We've (barely) squeezed a never-ending fitness library into one deck of cards! Let's see what's inside:

  • 10 Upper Bodyweight Exercises
  • 10 Core Exercises
  • 10 Lower Bodyweight Exercises
  • 10 Stretch Cards
  • 6 Wild Cards (Add clever modifications onto exercises to increase difficulty and intensity. Players can activate a Wild Card on their exercise to get more points, or strategically use against opponents to challenge them)
  • 6 Mini-Games (Quick competitions that test strength, endurance, and willpower. Use these cards as tie-breakers, or play them after any game to increase intensity and competition)
  • Instructions on how to get started with multiple gameplay modes

Each card has three repetition levels - Easy, Medium, and Hard so that all abilities can play together. 

Why workout when you can Playout?