Bodyweight Fitness Professional Development

What is the Playout Fitness Professional Development?

Created and presented by NSCA Certified fitness instructor Eddie Kovel, the Playout Fitness Professional Development Program makes it easy for PE teachers to create fun, safe and effective exercise programs for their students, and teaches them how to empower their students to become self-sufficient in fitness for life. Teachers will learn 10+ instant activities and games using Playout: The Game of Fitness and Playout Station Cards. These card games provide an unlimited range of fun, differentiated fitness competitions and instant activities that can be modified for all ages and abilities. The cards make it easy for teachers to teach fitness to their students in a fun way that requires no additional equipment.

The Playout Fitness Professional Development will give PE teachers:

  • Adaptable and fun fitness-training card games, and a great workout!
  • Proper technique and teaching cues for 30 bodyweight exercises, 10 stretches, and modifications (SHAPE S1, S3)
  • A variety of student-led fitness games and instant activities that incorporate math, reading, teamwork, and strategy and achieve MVPA in 3-5 mins. (SHAPE S3, S4, S5)
  • Skills and tools to improve students' fitness test scores and lifelong health and well-being (S3, S5)
  • A complete fitness program for PE that meets a wide range of national, state and common core standards and can be implemented immediately with no additional equipment

Half Day: $1495 (includes travel)             Full Day $1950 (includes travel)

Contact Eddie for more information or to reserve a date by email at or by phone at 2034997060.