Playout: Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game

Obstacle Course Training

The most fun, convenient, and effective way to train for your next Obstacle Course Race!  Take your fitness to the next level with Playout: The Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game!

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What is Playout: The Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game?

The Obstacle Course Race Card Game trains you for the toughest obstacles and terrain found in an Obstacle Course Race, while simultaneously giving you the experience of racing through a challenging obstacle course, using nothing but your body and a bar. The game is designed for the roughest and toughest of racers, the newbie looking to get in shape for their first race, and everyone else.

 Best for ages 8+

 Deck Contents:

  • 30 Bodyweight Exercise Cards - These bodyweight exercises mimic the motions required to conquer terrain and obstacles 

  • 10 WildCards (Power Ups) - We're introducing a new type of WildCard that allows players to add intensity and “Power Up” for multiple exercises. 

  • 10 MiniGames - These mini-competitions push players to their physical limits as they compete for points, or to achieve personal bests. The new game will feature Max Out (how many can you do in a minute) and Until Failure (how long can you do an exercise without stopping), as well as some fun bonus MiniGames.