Upgrading Your Home Gym

Gyms are a crucial tool to staying fit and having an exercise routine. We know, we miss the gym too. But how do we stay consistent with our workouts when we don’t have the luxury of gym equipment? That’s why we’re compiling a list of equipment home alternatives to perfect your at-home workout.

  1. Use a bottle of detergent/gallon jug of water - 

    Bottles of detergent or fabric softener can be great alternatives to dumbbells and kettlebells. You can use it as a weight for a glute bridge press, squat thrusts, Russian twists, etc.

  2. A Pillow - Pillows can be a great way to form coordination during exercises! You can use pillows to pass it back and forth between your hands and legs in the dead bug position.
  3. A towel - Towels can be used to help support your back as a yoga mat for core exercises. Just be careful with slippery floors! A towel folded lengthwise can also be used as a type of resistance band for arm extensions and calf stretches.
  4. A chair - A chair can be used for exercises like mountain climbers, shoulder taps, etc. by getting into the plank position and placing hands on the seat of the chair. Chairs can also be used to help correct the form of a proper wall sit to make sure you aren’t too high in the squat.
  5. Backpacks - 

    Use backpacks as a weighted vest to add an extra challenge in your workout! Just throw in some water bottles or cans and take a nice walk to become adjusted to the weight! (Be sure to weigh the backpack prior to use).

  6. Use a couch cushion as a bosu ball - Because cushions typically have an uneven surface, it is a perfect replica of a bosu ball, an inflated half circle device used to improve balance. You can do squats on it, planks, etc.
  7. Laundry baskets - Laundry baskets can be used as a weight for a deadlift move to help engage hamstrings and hips.
  8. A door frame - Use your doorframe as coordinator for your burpees! The doorframe can be a great benchmark to ensure you are jumping high enough after each rep. Get into a plank position facing a door while keeping a good distance between you and the door so that when you jump up for your burpees you don’t bump your head! As you jump up, tap the door frame with your hand as a motivator to jump high!
  9. Playout! - The best way to workout at home is with a Playout Deck! They are perfect to use alone or with family and friends. It is a great way to spice up your workout. Our newest deck, Playout 2 comes with 58 cards including upper, core, and lower body exercises, cardio exercises, stretches, and partner exercises. And the best part of all? No equipment is needed for these exercises!

We hope these equipment alternatives are helpful in your journey of making fitness fun!