PlayOut on National TV!!

How amazing is it that Playout is now featured on National TV!

This summer, Playout creator and founder, Eddie Kovel, was approached by the Shark Tank spinoff show, "The Toy Box", to appear on its 2nd neat!  They flew him out to LA for taping and then met him in Atlanta for more taping on his home turf.

Sworn to secrecy, many of us knew this happened, but not how it turned out. 

See Playout founder, Eddie Kovel, on ABC's "The Toy Box", Season 2, Episode 4

Shoutout to Joachim, one of the young judges, who totally gets what Playout is all about!

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Want the game featured on the show?

You can purchase the Deluxe edition of PlayOut on our website by following this link.

Not only does PlayOut sell card games, but we also do presentations and build custom obstacle courses for anyone, anywhere! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us! We absolutely love talking to all of you guys!

Thank you for all your support!

Playout On National TV

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