Playout Games and Variations

Ever wanted to try out different ways to Playout? Playout is can be used to engage groups of any size or level of fitness. In this post we'll explore some new activities you can have fun with. 

1) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Find a space where one can run laps for a distance of at least 100M. Set a target number of laps and make a set of 1-4 exercises for each lap. When the timer begins, run the lap and complete the exercises on a chosen difficulty level. Repeat until you’ve finished all your laps/sets. Note: Adjust difficulty and intensity by adding WildCards, changing running distance, number of exercises in each set, color of exercises in set, and difficulty level for the exercises.
2) Team Exercise: To play with larger groups, have teammates complete the exercises together. With this variation, as many as 10 players can effectively play together on a team, though we wouldn’t recommend having more than 10 players per team. 
3) Relay Race: Set up the cards opposite the players and card dividers. When the timer begins, one person from each team sprints to the cards, picks an exercise, and brings it back to their team. Everyone on the team performs the exercise together on a chosen difficulty level, counting the repetitions as a group. After completing the exercise, another person from the team runs and gets the next card.
4) Muscle Targeting
  • Players must complete 2-3 exercises of a color before they can move on to their next color
  • Players must complete all 10 exercises of a single color
  • Players must complete all 10 exercises of a single color on a single difficulty level
5) Timed Challenges
  • AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible): Pick a set of exercises. Set a timer for 2-30 minutes. Complete as many rounds of your set as possible before time is up.
  • EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute): Pick 2 exercises and complete as many reps as you can every minute, on the minute for 10-20 minutes. Your score is the lowest number of reps you made during any of your sets on each exercise (Note: Each set gets progressively harder as your muscles get tired, so we recommend aiming for the Easy reps, as you’ll be completing that number of reps 10-20 times).
  • Tabata (Timed Interval Training): Pick a set of exercises, or draw randomly. Perform the exercises in your set, alternating between 20-60 seconds of exercising and 10 seconds of rest. Ignore repetition counts on the exercises, and try to complete as many total repetitions as you can during each interval. Your score is the total number of repetitions you completed throughout the routine.