Playout Game Variations

Considering buying a Playout deck or already have one? Here are the MANY ways you can get the most out of your deck using different game variations!

  1. Classic - The classic gameplay is perfect to play in groups or on your own. It's a great way to challenge family and friends by trying to get the most points or a great way to document your own points when playing alone to track your progress. Our classic gameplay mode includes options like Playout All-Star and Playout Pro! Playout All-Star can be played in teams or individually, cards are split into upper, core, and lower body exercise cards. Each player then starts a timer and chooses a card from any of the piles and decides to do either easy, medium or hard reps. The player continues pulling cards and doing reps to get the most points until time runs out and the next player goes. At the end of the game whoever has the most points wins. The objective of Playout Pro is to finish 10 cards before anyone else. The deck of cards is set up the same way as Playout All-Star with cards being divided by colors. Each player then decides what level of difficulty then will be attempting for each color. Each player can also pick a wildcard to give to their opponent who must complete this card. For both of these classic game variations, it is recommended to start with cards numbered 1-5 before moving onto 6-10 since cards are numbered based on basic to most advanced cards. As always, be safe, have fun and PLAYOUT!
  2. Surprise Every Time! - My favorite form of playing is to shuffle all of the cards, and choose cards at random. It’s ideal for people who are on a time crunch like college students, parents, or workers on their break. And best of all? You get a fun surprising challenge every time!
  3. The Color Coordinator - Got some extra time on your hands? The Color Coordinator mode of playing is perfect for people who like to focus their workouts on specific areas of the body (or those who just really like colors). This works by separating the deck according to the card color, like doing green cards to focus on some cardio and another day you focus on yellow cards for lower body exercises. Fun colors for each target exercise? Yes please!
  4. The Voyager - 

    Maybe you want to add a little more movement into your workout and miss the traditional setting of fitness classes. The Voyager consists of picking out cards (preferably one of each category) and placing them around the room,  corners of a room, throughout the house, or even by certain items. This is the perfect setup for your workout playlist and traveling around the room and performing each workout for a few rounds. It’s great for you to do on your own or with family and friends!

  5. The Tournament - This variation is perfect for the ultimate weekend warriors who like to add some challenges to their workout. The Weekend Warriors play similar to the other game modes except they do the highest reps on each card. This is ideal for people that are trying to beat the clock and want to see how many reps they can do.
  6. The Practice Makes Perfect - 

    This game variation is perfect for beginners or people who might have some difficulties with certain exercises. It works by picking out cards that are difficult to do, like push ups. You can then use these challenging cards to work on over time by improving strength and form for these exercises. The key is not to see how many reps you can put in but to try and do the best you can on each exercise and work on fixing form. 

Let us know your favorite game variation by tagging us in your posts! We’d love to hear how you’re making fitness fun!