Our NEW Obstacle Course Menu & Benefits

Have a few minutes? If so, check out Playout’s newest Obstacle course menu! We created a new and improved gallery style menu that is more easily accessible, easier to read and use. If you ever wished for a fun way to exercise and stay fit, you’ve come to the right place. Playout can build your dream obstacle course anywhere you desire, even right in your own backyard! We can build custom obstacle courses to cater to your needs, and our menu has a few ideas you can use too. Some ideas include wire crawl, balance beam, rope climb, traverse wall, inverted wall, and cargo net climb. Sounds exciting, don’t they?

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Obstacle courses offer a huge amount of benefits as well. Just to name a few, exercising around obstacle courses strengthens your heart, bones, brain and thinking ability. It helps you lose weight or get fit, helps you fight stress, builds endurance, coordination, balance, and muscle strength. It also creates motivation and lets you make new friends while having the time of our life!

obstacle course