Mastering Remote Fitness: Keys To Getting Fit In 2021

Hey Phys. Ed Teachers! This is Eddie Kovel, Chief Playout Officer at Playout Fitness, and I wanted to share with you some encouragement and a couple of great ideas on activities you can do with your students during this time of social distancing and long-distance learning. 

Creative Obstacle Course Building

I’ve been doing obstacle course racing for a long time and you will be amazed how much you can do in terms of creating an obstacle course. I’m sure many of you have gone to professional development workshops where I’ve shared my knowledge and experience in building courses, but I wonder what your kids could come up with as far as building an obstacle course in their home or own backyard! Fortunately, you won’t need anything besides what you already have at home. For example, household chairs: you can line up chairs of all sizes and have them climb or crawl under them. As for staircases, have them step, hop or jump on every other stair and change up combinations! 

You also have Playout Station Cards- these are specially designed fitness cards created for these particular circumstances. With our cards, kids can lay them all over the house and whenever they get to one they'll have to do that exercise. Looking for something more intense and exciting? We also have Ninja Warrior Station Cards that are especially fun for the obstacle course theme to have them do even more advanced movements.

If you can challenge your kids to come up with an obstacle course, upload some pictures and videos of the exercises, workouts, or courses and be sure to tag us @PlayoutTheGame! We’d love to share your creations with our fitness community and may even send you a gift just for sharing with us.

 Playout’s All-Inclusive Digital Platform

In the coming weeks, Playout is going to be launching a digital platform that will contain a library of hundreds of fitness cards, countless obstacle course ideas, dozens of gameplay variations and so much more. This will provide you with all of the necessary tools, equipment, instructions needed to play any of our games at any given time. You can simply print them out or place them up on a projector for everyone to see. 

Uh-oh! Are you teaching remotely? We have a solution: you can screen share to your kids at home with the digital files so that you'll be able to play all the games with each student and not have to worry about any screen lags or computer issues (or at least most of them). 

Playout Anywhere With Our Free App!

Don't forget about our free mobile app, Playout Fitness, available on all app stores! You can download the app for yourself and encourage your kids’ parents to download the app for them, as well. Playout Fitness is a great way to get them to exercise for free and in a fun and competitive way. It’s simple: set how long you want to play, choose the exercises you want to include, and start playing! You’ll be able to decide between Upper, Core, and Lower exercises where you can compete at any level you feel comfortable. You’ll get points based on the exercises you complete and the difficulty level at which you complete the reps. Your goal is to collect as many points as you can get before time is up! Keep challenging yourself as you level up to unlock new exercises or go against friends, family, and even your children and students to see who’s the Playout Master! This fitness app has gotten thousands of downloads and is a proven way for kids to engage in fitness at an early age. 

Have any questions, comments or ideas? Shoot me a personal message at and I'll get right back to you!