2017 Crossfit Games Obstacle Course

From the Crossfit:

I first met Eddie in CT, when Spartan Race held an event in a parking lot at a casino, and his Playout fitness card game has travelled with me when I've been on the road more than a few times - so when I heard he was the man that Rogue Fitness called when Dave Castro of The Crossfit Games asked for an obstacle course, I knew I wanted to speak with him about how it all happened. 

Take a listen to learn how a card game even happened in the first place, and why that landed him one of the most televised obstacle courses out there, and why it didn't look like the kind of obstacle course we may be used to in the first place. Enjoy the show!

You can pick up your own copy of Playout from their website. I recommend it, it's inexpensive, a ton of fun, and a great addition when you travel!

To listen to the Interview and Podcast about PlayOut's involvement with the construction of the, click here!