How to Build an Obstacle Course

With PlayOut, building an obstacle course is simple, convenient, stress-free, and extremely exciting! Building an obstacle course could be just as much fun as participating in one! Below are a few great ideas to consider when kickstarting your obstacle-building journey:


  • Think about your target participants
    • Are your intended participants young? Old? Adults? Children? Toddlers? Everyone? Families? It is a good idea to keep in mind age and fitness levels. Consider the safety level as well. (i.e. young children may not be able to climb to high places)
  • Pick a location
    • The size of your obstacle course may depend on how much space is available at your location. Location is important because depending on the terrain or steepness of your area, the location itself may be an obstacle in itself (i.e. hills, streams). Also, you should have permission to build an obstacle course in your chosen location.
  • Putting together the obstacles
    • What type of obstacles would you like your audience to participant in? Do you want your obstacle to test a particular skill? Work out a certain muscle group? Be sure to include a variety! You can include obstacles that test speed, balance, agility, strength, and endurance. You can include obstacles that requires jumping (hurdles), climbing (bars, ropes), and maybe even include a balance beam over a small stream!
  • Create the rules
    • Obstacle courses can be competitions (lots of serious racers out there!), and you want everyone to play fairly. Make instructions on how to use each particular obstacle (i.e. demonstrate how to use weaver). You also have the freedom to include teamwork to allow racers to help each other.
  • Building the obstacle course
    • This part, you can just sit back and relax. The PlayOut team will do all the work for you. All materials, assembling, building, modeling will be provided by the PlayOut team.


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