Crossfit Workouts At Home For Beginners

It is time we all say goodbye to fear! Crossfit, a kind of workout routine characterized by constant variation, functional movements, and individualized intensity levels, is not as intimidating as it seems! You don’t have to belong to a gym or work out with a personal trainer to succeed——all you need is YOU! Combine any of these exercises to create a variety of crossfit at home workouts for beginners to get you moving! 

  1. Jumping Jacks - That’s right, we told you crossfit could be easy! To start, stand with your arms together and your feet side by side. Being the movement by jumping feet wide and moving your arms up and over your head with your palms facing forward. Complete the exercise by returning to the initial position——with your feet together and your feet side by side. Repeat 15 times (reps) to complete 1 set. 
  2. Inchworm - A great way to increase your strength and flexibility! Get ready for this low-impact exercise by standing with your arms at your sides and your feet hip-width apart. From here, fold forward from your hips and reach your palms and fingertips down so they land face down on the floor. Next, with bended knees, slowly walk your hands forward until you reach a plank position. To return to the starting position and begin again, reverse the movement. Complete these steps 10 times to fulfill 1 set. 
  3. Squat Jump - It’s time to explore your upper and lower body strength! All you have to do to complete this explosive power exercise is to position yourself with your feet hip-width apart, squatting to start, swinging your arms in front of you for momentum, and using that momentum to jump as high as you can. Once you land softly and safely back on the ground, repeat this motion 10 times to finish 1 set. 
  4. Wide Climbers - An easy and effective way to build endurance and core strength, begin this exercise by positioning yourself in a plank down on both palms. Complete a set by stepping your left foot up to the outside of your right hand and pausing before returning to the initial plank position and switching sides (this time, your right foot should be put up to the outside of your left hand). Repeat 5 times to complete 1 set, and 10 times to complete 2! 
  5. Burpee - Don’t be scared! This full-body workout is simpler than it seems! To prep yourself for this exercise, stand with your arms at your sides and your feet hip-width apart. Crouch and place your hands palms down on the floor to begin the movement. To continue, jump your feet back to plank position and quickly lower your chest and thighs to the floor. Next, return up to the plank position, jump your feet forward toward your hands, and use that energy to jump as high as you can, clapping your hands over your head to end. Repeat these motions 15 times to finish 1 set! 
  6. Kettlebell Complex - No kettlebell? No problem! Grab a bottle of detergent, fabric softener, or a gallon of water, and get ready to bend those knees! Begin this heart-pumping set by standing with your arms at your sides, your feet shoulder-width apart, and your weight of choice on the floor between your feet. Positions your hips back and flatten your torso before grabbing your weight with your right hand and swinging the weight back between your legs and above your knees. Swinging the weight back up, stand, and hold the weight shoulder high. Next, move the weight over your head. After you complete this step, repeat the entire movement 1 more time. When you reach the point that the weight is over your head again, do 5 squats and then rest. Switch sides and hold the weight in your left hand to repeat. Once you repeat, you have completed 1 set! 
  7. Goblet Squat - Remember that bottle you grabbed for that last exercise? Don’t put it away just yet! Start this exercise by holding your weight of choice with both hands underneath at your chest, elbows pointing down. Complete this movement by squatting down and returning to your initial starting position. Cater to your needs and fitness goals by either subtracting weight and moving slower or adding a heavier weight and moving faster if desired. Repeat these steps 9 times to complete 3 sets! 
  8. Fitness Games! - Use Playout Station Cards with full-page simplified exercise diagrams for 10 Upper, 10 Core and 10 Lower Bodyweight Exercises of Easy, Medium, and Hard intensities to help diversify and individualize your Crossfit journey from home while making sure you have loads of fun along the way! Grab your family and have them join as well! With Playout Station Cards, there’s an exercise for everyone! 

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get started? We hope these simple and effective exercise ideas helped you come up with a plan to create the best crossfit at home workouts for beginners for YOU! These exercises come from Shape Magazine at Here’s to reaching fitness goals and staying active in 2021!