Building the Best Obstacle Course

1. Obstacles are big and challenging enough to push participants to the limit

2. Variety of challenge – balance, strength, speed, upper body, lower body, pushing, pulling, gripping, and carrying

3. Proper spacing between obstacles to allow recovery and preparation, while making sure there’s no time where participants get bored

4. At least 1-2 EPIC obstacles that make participants say “WOW!”

5. Safety is a major priority – if participants fail or fall, there are precautions taken so that they’ll be able to get up and try again

6. The course attracts fierce competitors, casual players, and fans

7. The best courses have no bottlenecks – people don’t have to wait in line to get on the obstacles

8. Course must be clearly marked so that participants stay on track and can focus on racing

9. Course customized to meet needs of organization/participants

10. Takes advantage of terrain and available space


Fitness Obstacle Course