Benefits of Obstacle Course Racing

Still haven’t made your New Year’s Resolution? We’ve got you covered. Nothing feels more accomplishing than completing an Obstacle Course! Bring out your competitive side this year and enjoy the race! Not only is Obstacle Course Racing fun and energizing, but it is also healthy for your body!

Here are just a few benefits of Obstacle Course Racing:

  • Strengthens bones
    • Just being outdoors will increase our exposure to the Vitamin D the sun has to offer! However, nowadays, people (especially adolescents) find it challenging to find enjoyable activities to do outside. Now, you know what to do! Obstacle races increase your exposure to Vitamin D, with strengthens and fortifies your bones.
  • Good for your heart
    • Exercising while you are racing gets your heart pumping! The constant pumping makes your heart muscles stronger. This improves your blood flow, especially the blood flow to your heart. With a stronger heart, you will have a lower chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other complications.
  • Works out every muscle
    • There are many parts to obstacle course racing. You may be climbing a wall for one obstacle, and balancing on a thin beam the next! The different obstacles target a specific muscle. Obstacle courses tones your body down as well as build stronger arm, leg, chest, back, and abdominal muscles!
  • Helps with brain functions
    • While you are going through an obstacle course, you may not know it, but you are constantly pacing yourself and developing mental strategies to complete the course. The thought process keeps your brain neurons active, increasing the number of synapses, which increases brain functionality!
  • Boosts immune system
    • During an obstacle course race, you are constantly moving. Physical activity help your body’s immune B and T cells get harmful bacteria out of the lungs and airways. As a result, this reduces your chance of getting a common illnesses such as the cold or flu. In the long run, your immunity will build up, so you are less susceptible to other illnesses as well.
  • Making new friends
    • Obstacle Course racing can be an individual activity or a team activity. No matter what, there will always be people around in races, and they all share the same passion as you! Talking about your racing experience is always a great way to start a conversation!