Advice for Obstacle Course Racers

1. Train in the conditions (mileage/intensity/terrain) in which you’ll be racing

2. Pace yourself and save your best for last

3. Take great care of your body – eat clean and healthy, stay hydrated, sleep

4. Warm-up by doing a little bit of what you’ll encounter on the course to prepare your body for the challenge ahead

5. Stretch often to prevent injury

6. Stay in the moment throughout your training, and especially throughout the race. One errant thought could mean a fall or a failed attempt on an obstacle that costs you the race

7. Learn from the best in the sport and ask plenty of questions

8. Remember to have fun and be courteous to others. A good attitude often means a good race, or at least a fun one!

9. Leave it all on the course – Push yourself and give it your absolute best shot

10. Rest to recover you have an injury – taking a week off when it starts hurting is much better than taking months or years off if it gets severe.


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