Playout Ambassadors Spring 2016 Update

Select PE Professionals, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Obstacle Course Racing fanatics from across the world that embody Playout's mission to make fitness fun make up Playout's outstanding group of ambassadors.  This Spring, they continued to encourage their communities to get fit by having fun!  
Adam Mullis, South Carolina PE Teacher, used Playout as a class warmup for a week straight and topped it at all off with a Fitness Friday! For Fitness Friday, Adam Mullis made a huge monopoly board using Playout Cards and hula-hoops as the "properties."  His kids loved it and got a ton of exercise in a fun and engaging format. Adam also ran a Spartan Sprint in Early April.
Addie Benthien of New Jersey coaches her High School Swim Team.  She has been incorporating Playout during Dryland swim training! Addie says her team loves being able to have friendly competition amongst their teammates! "Its going swimingly!" -- Addie
Mark Meyers, Floridian PE Teacher, raced in the 2016 Run Across Georgia with support from Playout.  
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Josh Andrews, Fitness enthusiast and Team Black Sheep Coach, placed 5th in his age group at the USA Beach Running Championship 1/2 marathon in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Josh also ran in the February Warrior Dash at Clermont, Florida.  See how Team Black Sheep trains with Playout here.
Chris Acuff, Georgia Obstacle Course Racer, ran the April Texas Spartan Super and Spartan Sprint and placed Top Ten in the Georgia Battle Frog Obstacle Course Race.  He also placed second in the Dirty Spokes Half Marathon and won the OCR King Compound Challenge in February!
Eline Van Den Broek, Professional Runner, took fitness made fun to some Playout All Stars in Curaçao! Check out her trip on Playout Goes to Curaçao!
If you or a friend are interested in applying to be a Playout ambassador, please email  Stay tuned for more updates on Fitness Made Fun across the world!
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