10 reasons why you should build an Obstacle Course with PlayOut

  1. Fun - Obstacle courses are enjoyable for people of all ages. You can race with your friends and family, which is exciting for children and adults alike.
  2. Fitness - While completing the course, you may not even realize that you are exercising! Different obstacle courses work out different parts of the body, and after completing many obstacle courses, there is no doubt that you will feel good and look good as well. 
  3. Convenience - You select which obstacle courses you would like, and the PlayOut team will do the rest. We will build obstacle courses of your choice wherever you want.
  4. Leadership - Whether you prefer racing alone or in a team, you will need to use problem solving skills and your unique personality and traits to overcome the obstacles and barriers.
  5. Teamwork - Through obstacle racing, you gain skills to support your teammates, look out for others, and you learn to work together. In addition, you can make friends with similar interests that can last a lifetime!
  6. Achievement/accomplishment - After practicing very hard and then trying your best to cross the finish line in the race, you will no doubt feel accomplished on how far you have come. Obstacle course racing can be very difficult, and completing one will definitely give you a sense of achievement.
  7. Personalized - PlayOut creates custom made obstacle courses for any occasion. It can be for your school, camp, park, or even backyard. We have a huge selection of potential obstacle courses for you on our menu.
  8. Appreciation of the outdoors/nature - One of the beauties of Obstacle course racing is that it is outdoors! It motivates people to go outside to enjoy the sun, breeze, fresh air, and nature.
  9. Gain decision making skills/strategy - After doing an obstacle courses many times, you will develop decision making/problem solving skills to help you complete the obstacle course quicker or easier as long as you set your mind to it! These useful thinking methods apply to the real world as well.
  10. Long-lasting - Our obstacle courses are always built with care. They are made to hold a lot of weight and to last a very long time.