Custom Obstacle Course Installation

Want your very own custom obstacle course at your school, park, playground, camp or other facility? Pick from our menu of 26 Ninja Warrior/Mud Run style obstacles and customize your course based on the space available, age of participants, your budget, and your obstacle preferences (all obstacles are appropriate for participants ages 7+). The cost of the obstacle course depends on which obstacles you choose for your course, how many obstacles, and travel/lodging arrangements for our crew.


What is Obstacle Course Racing?

Obstacle course racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and beyond, largely due to the fact that people find it more fun, challenging, and rewarding than a typical trail run or road race. It combines high intensity running through diverse terrain with fun and challenging obstacles. Examples include Spartan Race, American Ninja Warrior, and Tough Mudder. In OCR, you run, climb, crawl, jump, and balance your way over, under, and through a wide variety of terrain and obstacles. Whether you’re a top competitor or a casual adventurer, you’ll leave with a feeling of accomplishment and self-improvement, along with the desire to improve and continue growing, not to mention the physical benefits of running through a high-intensity fitness course.

What Obstacles Can You Choose From?


And many more! Visit our A La Carte Obstacle Menu for a full list of all the obstacles you can choose from as you design your very own custom obstacle course, or ask for a free consultation by emailing us at

Here's an idea of what you can build for your Obstacle Course: 
Atlanta Jewish Academy Obstacle Course Playground

Why Build the Obstacle Course?


Obstacle Courses provide a fun, safe, and challenging place for participants of all ages and fitness levels to play, exercise and compete with one another. Here are a few great reasons to build an obstacle course at your camp, school, park, or organization!

    1. Safety First – Our obstacle courses are built with safety as our #1 priority. Unlike climbing walls and high-ropes elements that require participants to use a harness, all of our elements are under 8ft tall and provide the same level of fun and challenge without the risk.
    2. Fitness – Obstacle courses are a primary feature of military training facilities all over the world, proving that these courses are the gold standard for fitness training. The obstacle course will train participants in all aspects of their fitness (upper, core and lower body strength, balance, agility, flexibility, coordination, aerobic speed and endurance), and can be modified based on age and fitness level.
    3. FUN! – You’ll hardly even notice you’re exercising, and you’ll keep coming back for more. Participants consistently report having memorable experiences playing on the obstacle course, and ask to run it multiple times!
    4. Team-Building – Obstacle courses are great for competition, but they’re even better for cooperation. Relay races, team races, and cooperative missions are great ways to get your campers and counselors working together and building team chemistry and friendship.
    5. Motivation - Obstacle course racing is one of the best ways to motivate people to run and get in shape. The sport has already changed countless lives by inspiring people to get in the best shape of their lives, no matter their age or fitness ability. Give participants of all ages a positive experience with fitness, and they’ll stay with it for life.
    6. Self-Esteem – When you conquer an obstacle, you feel a sense of accomplishment. When you fail, you have something to work towards. Self-esteem is a natural result of seeing yourself overcome adversity and succeed
    7. Novelty – Parents, kids, teens, and adults that love the outdoors are becoming aware of American Ninja Warrior (TM), Spartan Race (TM), and other obstacle course races. How cool will it be when participants get to have their very own course!

Eddie Kovel's Obstacle Course Experience

Eddie has worked as a course manager for Spartan Race (TM), raced and placed top 5 in 12/14 obstacle course races, started and coached the Emory University Obstacle Course Racing Team and has built obstacle courses and consulted for a variety of organizations around the USA, including the 2017 Crossfit Games, Camp Cheerio, Atlanta Jewish Academy and Beaver Creek Resorts. Eddie and his team of skilled and dedicated builders will make any obstacle course vision you have become a reality!



What is the cost of delivery and construction of the obstacles?  
Cost of delivery and installation of obstacles depends on exactly what obstacles you choose, how many you'd like to install, and where your facility/event is located. Obstacles can be found in our A La Carte Obstacle Menu. Keep in mind that we can customize any of these obstacles to meet your needs, and/or build obstacles that aren't on the list. Courses typically cost between $20,000-$100,000.

Does a representative from your company do the construction or are we responsible for that?
We offer consulting as well as installation services. An on-site consultation starts at $2,500 for a full assessment of your property and a detailed report on our professional recommendations for how to optimize your space for an obstacle course, which obstacles will best suit your participants, how to run your events/programming, and safety. We also provide installation services, bringing in the top builders in the industry to build your obstacle course with maximum durability and safety.

How long does installation take?
Installations generally take about 5-10 days, but could be longer for a course of more than 12 obstacles. For larger installations, we pre-fabricate obstacles off-site to minimize on-site build time.

How many obstacles do you recommend for a starter course?
We recommend 12 obstacles as the ideal number for a starter course, but you can still have a fun course with 7-8 obstacles, and add more obstacles year by year if you find the course is a success.


Please contact Eddie at 203-499-7060 or by email at for a quote or to schedule an on-site consultation.